Queen of Hearts Loose Leaf Teas

Updated: April 2021

Here is a description of our loose leaf teas. We add and remove teas from the list over time so we've dated the list. Use this list as reference for purchasing our Loose Leaf Tea or with your Afternoon Tea orders.

Black Teas  |   Herbal Teas   |   Rooibos Teas   |    Green Teas   |   Mixed

Black Teas

English Breakfast

A perfect all-'round black tea with good body. The most classic (plain) black tea we offer!

Yorkshire Earl Grey

Expansive notes of bergamot synergize with a heady blend of Kenyan, Indian, and Ceylon teas.

Earl Grey Cream

A bold earl grey mellowed with soft hints of cream and vanilla. The Queen's favourite!

French Lavender

Super blue lavender transports a floral harvest of Provence. Also known as Lavender Earl Grey.

Hot Chocolate Tea

A deep chocolate flavoured tea with an astringent finish. If you like chocolate this is divine when you sweeten it!

Norfolk Eggnog

Sweet caramel with a light cinnamon ginger finish and subtle rum notes. A unique tea that will make your taste buds sing!

Masala Chai

A zesty full-flavoured tea exuding floral and spicy notes. 

Shamrock Irish Breakfast

A strong brisk and flavoury morning tea that gets you up and in the groove. Mini shamrock candies in this tea will bring you great luck!

Herbal Teas (Caffeine-Free)

Sweet Fruits

A hint of caramel gives this herbal fruit tea a sweet almost candy-like flavour.

Lime Gelato

Flavour sensations of: apples, hibiscus, rosehips, lemon and lime pieces, and peppermint. This tea is delicious if you like citrus!

Nutty Fruitcake

Simply delicious! An almond and hazelnut cake flavour. Like nuts? This is for you!

Caramel Apple

Creamy caramel notes give a warm flavor to freshly dried fruit and tart hibiscus.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Delicious notes of dark chocolate with light edges of early season strawberry. Filled with: Apple + Hibiscus + Rosehip + Strawberry + Papaya + Cocoa pieces, Cornflower petals.


Pungent, cool, fresh, menthol infused peppermint leaves.

Rooibos Teas (Caffeine-Free)

Creme Caramel

Sweet toffee notes build to a full symphonic caramel finish.

Just Peachy

A superb mouth watering sweet peach flavour.

Blueberry Bliss

A tea that conjures memories of tiny flavorful blueberries. The aroma alone will make you smile!

Green Teas

Chinese Green

Bold and full flavour. A plain "green tea" as it were.

Empire Green

Green tea from the four corners of the empire. Yields a full expansive cup. Beguiling jasmine dances throughout.

Lime & Mint Mojito 

Exploding sweet and sour lime flavor followed by ripples of refreshing cool mint. Low caffeine content.

Mixed Teas

Turmeric Ginger

Ginger, blue cornflower petals, green, & black tea, along with anti-inflammatory
turmeric benefits.