About Us

Queen of Hearts Playing Card with a Plant

About the "Queen of Hearts" Tea House

We opened in September 2019 with the vision to provide a high quality tea experience in an accessible venue to the region of Kitchener-Waterloo. We used to be a coffee shop café but the pandemic forced us (in a good way!) to become laser focused on our unique offering -- Afternoon Tea! We are now considered Kitchener's premiere tea venue, serving a contemporary tea experience to our guests.

The tea house was named "Queen of Hearts" after our love for playing cards (poker, pepper, bridge, euchre, etc.). There's also the British connection between "tea time" and the Queen of England. Queens go for tea! And finally, our signature wall originally displayed "memory tiles" from Canadian artist, Sid Dickens (see photo below). Many of these art tiles in the collection were heart and game themed which also contributed to the name's inspiration. All in all, this name just seemed fitting in several ways. 

This business is a dream come true for our proprietor, Alyshia, who left the corporate world (working in marketing and e-commerce) to chase this dream! We welcome you to share in our dream with a spot of tea and our tasty treats. Thanks for your interest and your support.

Business Owner, Alyshia, enjoying Afternoon Tea on the red bench at Queen of Hearts Tea House in Kitchener Ontario