High Society Tea Descriptions


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Each sleeve includes 12 tea premium tea bags of full leaf tea; just add water! Use 1 bag per cup or 1-2 tea bags per tea pot, depending on the size. Add milk and sweeten as you like, for the perfect cup of high society tea!

Pen's Nom de Plume

Cherry Rose Rooibos
Cherry, roses, and caramel rooibos tea create a complex and sensitive tea character, just like our young Penelope.

Daphne's Diamond of the First Water

Lychee Black Tea
A delicate naïve start with a blooming prowess. Graceful notes of lychee create a fruity aroma with a long velvety finish to this black tea. The grape-like flavours are most glorious for the Duchess.

Eloise's Lavender Fields

Lavender Earl Grey
A tea that transports you and Eloise to excitement in France! This black tea is a flowery delight and very popular. Who needs marriage when there's adventure to be had?

Queen Charlotte's Afternoon Delight

Cream Earl Grey
A tea well suited for the most discerning Queens! The amazing creamy flavour of this black tea will fit all your graces.

Lady Whistledown's Sencha Quill

Japan Sencha Kakagawa (Green Tea)
Spill the tea girl! This green tea provides a smooth light cup with depth and body. The perfect sipping tea whilst writing the gossip, with quill in hand!

Kate's Breakfast Tea

Orange Pekoe
Kate is a smart, headstrong young woman who suffers no fools. This tea suits her perfectly in it's character and strength.

Order our High Society Afternoon Tea TO-GO on March 25, 26, 27 from this link here.

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