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A little bit about Queen of Hearts


The Queen of Hearts Coffee & Tea House is a dream come true. For years we've dreamed of opening a unique venue for people to enjoy Afternoon Tea in the Kitchener region. Sipping hot tea, eating scrumptious treats, and catching up with friends or family is what this experience is about.  

While chasing the Tea House dream for 16 months, along came an existing café in Kitchener that was ready for a change. It already had a wide selection of quality coffees and lattes. The interior vibe was contemporatry and comfortable. Coffee and Tea marry well so it was decided this would not only be a tea house but also a coffee house. Opening in September 2019, this unique venue has it all and brings something new to KW.

Being card enthusiasts, and inspired by the Canadian artist, Sid Dickens and his famous memory tiles (see our display inside!), the name "Queen of Hearts" was an easy, fitting, and fun theme. Afternoon Tea fit for a queen!

In the coming months you'll see Afternoon Tea events, card nights, lunch catering, and more, as we find our stride and bring you quality food, superb beverages, and comfortable vibes.

So whether you're a coffee addict or tea enthusiast, or you love BOTH, you'll find the perfect brew here at our dream come true.  We look forward to having you as our guest soon!