Leap Year Tea & Tarot

SOLD OUT! Please contact us to get put on the waiting list and be first to know about our next Tea & Tarot Event. hello@queenofheartskitchener.com


A Leap Year only happens once every 4 years! That's got to make it a lucky day, right? Sounds like the perfect day to have another Afternoon Tea & Tarot event. Join us on Saturday, February 29th 2020, to have your lucky cards read and enjoy an Afternoon Tea experience with us.

Your Afternoon Tea includes your choice of loose leaf tea, a selection of finger sandwiches, scones with cream and strawberry preserve, and several delicious sweet treats.  Your experience includes a 10 minute tarot card reading with Sue who will read your past, present, and future cards to you. If time allows, you can ask Sue a personal question you’d like the cards to answer. Each Tea & Tarot ticket is $55. Or just come for Afternoon Tea and skip the tarot reading for $35.


You will choose a reservation time between 11am - 2:30pm during check-out. Your entire tea and tarot experience will last 90 minutes so we can ask that you respect your reservation time slot and show up on-time.


We ask that groups of 2 or more book all seats under one order so we can arrange seating and timing accordingly.




Do you have a gluten-free Afternoon Tea? We have done a couple GF teas before and while we have not perfected it, we are willing to accomodate if you just let us know as soon as you book. Please be aware that we cannot control all cross-contamination with flour-based products so this would NOT be suitable for celiac diets.


Can I record the tarot reading?  Yes, you may record the tarot reading on your cell phone as long as it doesn’t take any additional time to set-up.


What if I need more than ten minutes of tarot?  You’re welcome to connect with Sue after the event to arrange another reading privately.


Is this event suitable for children?  This event is suitable for those aged 12 or older.


What if I’m late for my reservation?  If you’re late you may forfeit your tarot reading or have a shortened dining experience, depending how your time-slot gets organized. Please be on-time.


Can my friend and I have our tarot readings done together? Yes! It is fun to have the readings done together but if you prefer your reading in private, that's an option too. We will ask you when you arrive which you prefer.


Who is doing the tarot card reading? Sue from Blue Moon Tarot is our guide.  She takes a grounded and holistic approach to the Tarot.  Sue helps clients make sense of what's in their hearts and minds and offers guidance for how to move forward, based on the ancient wisdom of the cards. You’re sure to enjoy your interaction with Sue and her Tarot cards.

Other questions?  Please email us your questions and we will provide a prompt reply

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